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TongLi is young, we are young

  Many Years ago, TongLi company started with 50,000 yuan and two lathes. Starting from a small workshop, all the way, and beyond, finally reached today's success and scale. After many years of hard work and many years of hard work, TongLi people are sweating, writing youth, and dedicating the best time of life to their beloved career. For many years of perseverance, many years of transcendence, the growing strength has given birth to "innovation, dedication, integrity, harmony." The entrepreneurial spirit has shaped the core values of "Dare to be the first, hard work, self-improvement, self-transcendence". For more than 20 years, we have continuously upgraded our company's technological innovation and equipment capabilities, and successfully developed 11 series of general-purpose reducers and heavy-duty gearbox series products; accumulated nearly 300 million yuan of technical reform funds; introduced a number of international advanced, domestic First-class high-precision processing and testing equipment; successfully built a nationwide marketing network.
  Over the years, we have continuously improved our company's ability to sustain growth. After experiencing the difficult days of “fission” in 2002, we are not discouraged and fearless. In 2005 and 2008, we expanded twice and successfully broke through. A period of opportunity for stability and leapfrogging development, stepping into the fast lane of development.
  Over the years, we have continuously enhanced the company's reputation and reputation. TongLi has won “National High-tech Enterprise”, “National Machinery Industry Civilized Unit”, “Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center”, “Wenzhou City Vigorous Harmonious Enterprise”, “Wenzhou 100” Long Enterprise and many other honorary titles, the products were identified as "Zhejiang Famous Brand Products" and "Zhejiang Famous Trademarks". Numerous medals, awards, and trophies sparkle the glory of our struggle and the pride of life! After more than 20 years of hard work and more than 20 years of growth in the Spring and Autumn Period, we will never forget all the friends who have given help, support and encouragement. Thank you, thank you. TongLi wants to thank this era, thank the society, thank the country, thank the colleagues who are fighting in the same boat and fighting side by side, and thank all the friends who care and help us. Here, I want to sincerely say thank you to everyone: "Because of your expectations, there is TongLi's glory today! Thank you all! Thank you!"
   More than a spring and autumn, more time, the 20-year-old TongLi is young! TongLi is just like the rising sun, and it is flourishing, and the road ahead is infinitely broad. TongLi is young, we are young, let us unite, passion, and work together for development; TongLi is young, we are young, let us grasp the good opportunity of national strategic support for the development of emerging industries, work hand in hand, work hard , constantly open up, keep breaking; TongLi is young, we are young, let us always maintain a young mind, passion for struggle, and create a new miracle!

Chairman: Xiang Jianzhong

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